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All around the world, females face a recurring and prevalent problem - menstrual cramps. A simple issue that many have overlooked. It's been a long time since new solutions have been created to help us ladies. Perhaps it's because females generally aren't comfortable discussing such a topic and also because most product creators are men (who'll never really understand the pain).

But we really want to change that. We believe females shouldn't feel helpless because of cramps and there is no reason to stop our daily activities or just lay in bed because of this natural cycle.

What we’re doing is taking heat, a traditionally used home remedy, and delivering it in a modern and convenient patch-like product, so that females can get their relief anytime and anywhere.

With that, MenstruHeat was born. A natural solution to the much dreaded menstrual cramps so that females do not need to rely on pills,

and more than that, a source of comfort and security so that females will not feel helpless when "it" hits.

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MenstruHeat Explained
MenstruHeat Thermometer
MenstruHeat Benefits 1
No Side Effects
Uses 100% heat, contains ZERO medication & is safe to use whenever needed
MenstruHeat Benefits 2
Soothes Pain
Clinically proven method to reduce menstrual cramping and discomfort
MenstruHeat Benefits 3
Super Convenient
Peel and paste. MenstruHeat heats up own its own within minutes
MenstruHeat Benefits 4
Long Lasting
Lasts up to 12 hours long for all day comfort at work or in school

3 Different Heat Levels

MenstruHeat Heat Level 1

Body heat will speed up heating. Remove if pack gets too hot. If you have sensitive skin, do not use this method.
MenstruHeat Heat Level 2

Adhesive side does not touch skin, your underwear layer will reduce heat conducted to your skin.
MenstruHeat Heat Level 3

Adhesive side to stick onto the underside of shirt. Cotton side (less heat) will contact body.
MenstruHeat Temperature Line


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... I face this situation (monthly battle against cramps) and now I can say goodbye to pills... it helps me so much! I'm super thankful it exists!    -Shufeng
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This definitely worked for me and it almost seems like magic, tear open the packaging, peel and paste, BAM the pain will be gone after that!   -Miyake
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To put it in the easiest way possible, these are stick on hot packs to stop your uterus from screaming :)   -Nicole
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